The bedside table from the Isle of the Wight.

The beautiful bedside table!

I picked this wonderful find up in the same place as my chest of drawers (please see previous post)! I began this project by removing the drawer and the handle, which I decided to keep because it has some lovely detail. I used the Annie Sloan ‘Old White’ paint again seeing as I had some left over from my previous project, plus the fact that you do not need to sand or prime the wood is great for an impatient sort like me.

This was a very easy project to complete and I think you’ll agree that the transformation is fab! I only used one coat of the paint because the grain of the wood came through and really gave it the vintage look. After a coat of the Annie Sloan wax, the bedside table was complete! In a mere 2 hours, which I think was due to me painting outside on a rare sunny Sunday afternoon. I also had a try at distressing on this piece and at first I was very cautious with my sandpaper but soon found that the more I did, the better it looked!

I loved this table very much and used some of my excess wallpaper from when I decorate my room to line the drawer. This meant I just had to keep it! It now resides in my bedroom at home and really sits well against my floral wallpaper. This is one of my favourite pieces that I completed this Summer mainly because I can see it staying with me for a long time!

Much love, Lauren x


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One response to “The bedside table from the Isle of the Wight.

  1. Wow, Lauren! This turned out beautifully! I happened to stumble upon your blog and I am happy I did!! I recently tackled my first ASCP project and did a huge hutch. I loved the result. You can check it out here if you want: I am going to follow you so I don’t miss out on any of your future projects!

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