The bench I should have kept.

This weeks blog project is the bench that only took me two and a half hours to re-vamp! How good is that?

The much loved bench seat.

Me and my good friend were hunting around charity shops one Saturday afternoon and were having no luck what so ever! We had found a few bits and pieces but nothing special. Then, in the very last charity shop, we came across a what I can only describe as a bench seat. Normally I wouldn’t have chosen a project like this as I am still getting to grips with upholstering and this was a large piece! However, after some confidence boosting from my friend, I bought the bench for a mere £10. What also caught my eye was the condition… It was immaculate! Even the hideous brown velvet seat covering was in great condition.

After some logistical problems of getting the bench home in my teeny VW Polo, the bench arrived in my garage! I knew immediately that I would have to upholster this project in fabric that would completely clash with my room, or I would definitely keep it! So I chose some large pink floral print material that would compliment the Annie Sloan ‘Old White’ paint I planned to use on the legs.

Luckily for me the following day was a sunny Sunday afternoon and perfect for painting furniture on the garden. I began by putting masking tape around the edges of the legs that touched the fabric underneath and used two coats of the Annie Sloan paint to give them the shabby chic look that I love. This took no more than half an hour due to the unusually warm English sun! Once they were dry I sealed the paint with the Annie Sloan clear wax and distressed the legs with some sandpaper. Due to the dark vanish of the legs underneath, the distressing really looked fab on this piece and I don’t think the pictures do it justice!

Now, on this project, I am afraid to admit that my impatience and enthusiasm definitely got the better of me! Due to the great condition of the existing fabric and my lack of tools to remove the existing staples (I did try!), I simply upholstered the new fabric on top the old one. Luckily for me, it really turned out well. After cutting out the correct size of fabric needed, I simply fixed it to the underneath with my Grandad’s epic staple gun and the project was finished!

The bench was released onto the world of eBay and sold to a lovely lady and her daughter who loved it like I did. I hope I come across something similar one day soon so I can keep it for myself, as the space at the end of my bed is crying out for something like this!

Unfortunately at the time of this project, I hadn’t started this blog and only took a few photos for eBay. For future projects I solemnly promise to take more, better, before and after photos for you all.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and if you did then please subscribe via email!

Lauren x


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