Wooden hearts and an Etsy shop!

I’m back in business and it feels so good to finally be spending my time on doing something I enjoy. Although the past three weeks since I finished University I’ve been on holiday and been a full time babysitter of my one year old cousin, this week marks the beginning of hopefully something epic… My Etsy shop! This post is a double whammy, the online shop and a small piece about wooden hearts. Seeing as these are the first items to go up for sale in the shop, it seemed fitting to also write a post about them.

The three tier hanging hearts!

I think wooden hearts are one of the most understated home decorations out there. They can bear a personalised message, name or pattern to make them extra special for the person who it is intended for. The hearts I make are all cut from wood scavenged from no-longer-loved pieces of furniture, knowing they already have a history and up-cycling something that would otherwise have ended up in a landfill somewhere, makes me rather happy! Once they are cut out, they are sanded down by hand to round of the edges and a hole for the twine to go through is drilled into them. Then comes the best bit… the painting! As I said before, the options are endless! The medium hearts I make (8cm at their widest points), usually end up with polka dots on as I have a thing about polka dots! I recently did larger hearts which were perfect for using my vintage-style stamp set, see below for those beauties. Once they are painted, stamped, striped, dotted, the hearts are sealed with Annie Sloan clear wax because it really brings out the paint and the wood. After this step I use a very scientific method of superglue and scissors to insert the twine into the drilled hole. After this, they’re all done!

Hope you enjoyed this double blog post and are looking forward to future ones!

Lauren x

P.S. nearly forgot… my Etsy link! http://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/LoveOfShabbyChic

Medium blue polka dot heart

Medium blue polka dot heart

Various large wooden hearts

Various large wooden hearts

Medium heart with rose print

Medium heart with rose print


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