A little bit of crocheting

I’ve always wanted to learn the art of crocheting and one Sunday afternoon I realised it was time to get cracking! I began with simple granny squares, with dreams of a lovely cosy blanket to wrap myself and swan around my house like some sort of Crochet Queen. The thing that I didn’t realise is that blankets are not created in day, or a week, or a month! It is something to build on over time until I am happy with it. The blanket is still a work in progress so I hope you look forward to that blog post!

This is the link I used for the granny squares is:

So to curb my crochet bug, I embarked on some smaller projects. I follow ‘Crochet Club’ on Facebook and they post free patterns every couple of days. The first pattern that caught my eye was a cute little owl design – perfect for my best friend’s upcoming birthday who has also recently embarked on the crocheting journey.

The little owl

The little crocheted owl.

Unfortunately I cannot post the actual pattern as is it copyrighted, but obviously I can show you the finished product!
How cute is he?

The pattern was easy enough to follow, however my beginners skill meant I managed to lose my stitch count and so made
the rest of the pattern up as I saw fit. Luckily for me it turned out pretty well! I left a small hole at the top of the owl to
stuff him with left over pillow stuffing and adding felt and buttons for his eyes. I used my craft glue at first but found it
didn’t glue as well as my fabric glue (little tip I will remember!). I used a little bit of yellow wool for his beak, sewed him
up and hey presto! I had my owl. Adding a bit of twine between his ears finished him off spectacularly.

The new baby hat

My second mini project was spurred on by the birth of my new baby cousin Evie 2 weeks ago. I decided to make her a little hat as she was nearly 6 weeks premature and it was vital she was kept warm when she was first born. I found a free pattern on the Crochet Club Facebook page and sat down enthusiastically to get cracking on my baby hat. However, the pattern was difficult to follow and understand for me. The abbreviations weren’t explained very well and there weren’t many pictures or narrative on the pattern. I therefore took to Youtube and found the perfect video!

Found here:

The stitch was easier and the video aid and the ability to pause/play the video when I needed to was a massive plus! Within the evening I had my hat! I used a second video to create a pastel pink flower to decorate the hat and to hide the joining stitches down the one side of the hat – clever eh!

Here’s the videos for the flower (it’s in 3 parts):

And here is the finished product! I’m rather proud of it and have received many compliments on it. It fits Evie now at the size she is so I think I’ll have to be creating another, larger one before long 🙂

Baby hat 3 Baby hat 2 Baby hat 1

I plan on making Evie many more things so I will keep you updated on my crocheting adventures!

Lauren x


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